Archive | November 2012


Hundreds of miles away trying to find a missing piece

In isolation, in contemplation, in desperation

Longing for a genuine human experience

For an opportunity to feel needed and loved


Only in solitude will true silence comes

To hear what the heart screams for day and night

What the spirit craves for every waking hour

What the mind whispers to the universe


The vastness of everything will swallow you whole

Helpless, seeking divine intervention, false salvation

An unhealthy salivation for fulfilment

Awakened to a desperate reality of pain


Listen to your soul in isolation

Isolation in a crowd full of strangers

Isolation in a mind full of strange thoughts

Isolation in a heart full of thoughtless doubts


Aren’t we all together in isolation?

Every interaction is a lost opportunity

Every opportunity is a reason for disdain

Every disdain is a reason for isolation


Isolation, isolation, isolation

Should it be said louder for someone to hear?

Isolation, isolation, isolation

No more, no more isolation…

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