Midnight Musings

With eyes closed

Lost in a world of make believe

Trying to feel that feeling that seems too elusive

A feeling that I can’t afford

A feeling that I never understood


Sleep eludes me

Like a lover that won’t come to bed

Trying to make out a face that seems too unfamiliar

A face that I recognize, but not quite know

A face that I can’t just seem to read


Messed up sheets

Akin to a restless mind bereft of reason

Trying to find sense in a world that seems too cruel

A world that takes too much

A world that gives too little


Melody brings sentiment

Where words fail to create imagery

Trying to console a soul that seems too broken

A soul filled with childlike wonder

A soul yearning to be free


About Mr. Curiosity

I was born right before the sun rose up on a cold morning of 1989. I treasure those who treasure me ten fold. If I could, I would see the world and experience the spoils it has to offer. But I can't at the moment. I'd have to sit and wait for now.

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