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5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Journal

Last Monday night, I was overwhelmed with a feeling that comes so rarely in my life – the feeling of utter bliss. I am in a difficult part of my life right now, but things are getting better. I can feel it. I am sure of it.

I decided to reflect a little and savor the ecstasy brought by that feeling. I kicked back on our recliner in the balcony and took out a notebook given to me by a friend. I decided to write down how I feel and why I feel that way.

I realized that I had to backtrack two years worth of events. I had to reflect on where I was back then in order to fully express why I feel thankful for where I am today.

But what hit me was that there have been so many things that have happened in my life that I barely remember. There have been great moments in my life but somehow; they got buried under all the drama and under all the hardships. But when I think about it, my life was pretty good after all.

And I realized that keeping a journal is very important. Here are five reasons why you should start writing now:

#1. Time flies – fast.

Have you ever had that daunting feeling that time just flew right past you? Have you ever gone to work or school and realized that it was Thursday and not Wednesday?

Lately, I feel like time is just slipping away. Maybe I’m surrounded by a lot of distractions and I’m consumed with thinking every day, but this is ridiculous. The last thing I want to happen is wake up tomorrow and realize I’m 30 without noticing it.

Keeping a journal will allow me to savor the moment. I will be forced to relive important moments. It’s almost as if I will step back and go through the great events in my life and experience them twice.


#2. Memory fades.

If only we can store our memories in folders, password-protect them, and retrieve them for future consumption, life would be so good. But we’re not there yet (yes, I’m still hopeful). So it helps if we store these memories somewhere.

That’s why photo albums are so popular. And maybe going through your old Facebook status updates can be quite fun as well.

But the things you don’t share to the world (if any – some people vomit their soul on Facebook), may not be stored anywhere. There are certain things that only you know and sometimes, it helps to see how far you’ve come along.

A lot of people have short-term amnesia. They will say, “I want this and that so I will be happy.” But once they get the so-called this and that, they are still not satisfied. Keeping a journal will allow you to keep track of where you once were, hence, giving you a better picture of where you are now.

#3. Reflection is important.

Every action has a reaction. This is why reflecting on your actions are important. When you write on your journal, you will be put in a position to reflect. Some people do not take the time to assess if they are happy and if their happiness goes deeper than superficiality.

The last thing you want is to realize what you want when it’s too late. Don’t settle for having an uninspected life. You might miss out on an opportunity and you will regret that heavily.

#4. It provides objectivity.

Me, me, me, and sometimes myself. There is nothing wrong with being selfish. I think being selfish is the least we owe to ourselves. But oftentimes, our selfishness cloud our judgment.

We should be selfish, yes. But we should never be selfish at the expense of someone else. It is easy to get caught up in all the drama and become too sensitive.

A record of how you felt, reacted, and thought might give you an objective view of your experiences when you go back to them after some time. You might squirm of how stubborn you were or how close-minded you have been. But maybe when you look back at your past actions, you will find that relationships that you let go or threw away should be picked up again.

#5. It’s fun to skim through.

Looking at pictures are fun. They can be funny, sad, and nostalgic. Pictures do say a thousand words, but words will let you peek to a window that even pictures cannot describe.


Just a normal person finding just happiness.


In times like this…

Your eyes look at me
And it sees strength and valor
They pierce through me

And bask in my positivity
I am a hero
I am rock
I am a wall
I am the ground on which you stand onBut in times like this,
Let me crumble
Let me shiver in the cold
Let the tears cascade

In times like this,
Let me be naked and bare
Let my soul tremble
Let my lips quiver

In times like this,
Let me surrender
Let my weakness out
Let my words fumble

I am a hero
I am a rock
But in times like this
Let me be a child…

Midnight Musings

With eyes closed

Lost in a world of make believe

Trying to feel that feeling that seems too elusive

A feeling that I can’t afford

A feeling that I never understood


Sleep eludes me

Like a lover that won’t come to bed

Trying to make out a face that seems too unfamiliar

A face that I recognize, but not quite know

A face that I can’t just seem to read


Messed up sheets

Akin to a restless mind bereft of reason

Trying to find sense in a world that seems too cruel

A world that takes too much

A world that gives too little


Melody brings sentiment

Where words fail to create imagery

Trying to console a soul that seems too broken

A soul filled with childlike wonder

A soul yearning to be free

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